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Uniform Manufacturer in Tirupur, India. We have uniform manufacturing factory and we make all type of uniforms for school, college, corporate, office, worker, hospital, engineering, hotel. Uniforms are made as per our customer required specifications in high quality standard. We use cotton, polyester, viscose fabric for making these uniforms. We have well experienced staffs, labours to make the uniform perfectly

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Uniform Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Tirupur, India

Uniform Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. we have uniform manufacturing factory in Tirupur, India. we do all type of uniform for school, college, corportate, office and sports. we use quality uniform fabrics with prints and embroidery. uniforms are made as per customer required specifixations. quality uniform manufacturers in India. more about uniform manufacturer www.voguesourcing.com Uniforms, School Uniform, College Uniform, Office Uniform, Corporate

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